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MyVPOS offers a simplistic processing environment for merchants who don’t want to learn, and train their staff on complicated systems.

MyVPOS can be customized to match your exact needs. Options include:

  • Full customization of the main Dashboard
  • Customized receipts with your logo, and information which can be printed, or emailed to your customers.
  • Ability to process Level 2 & 3 transactions
  • Create, and process stored profile transactions
  • Create recurring payment plans
  • Create custom, real-time reports

What payment methods are available?

MyVPOS gives you and your customers more payment options. Customers are able to pay with:

  • Credit Card– Card present and card not present, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners
  • Debit Card– PIN Debit  – Coming Soon!
  • Check– Check 21, ACH, POP, ARC, WEB, TEL PPD, CCD, and ICL transactions
  • Electronic Check Conversion
  • Cash
  • Gift Cards


How It Works

With MyVPOS offering such simplicity and flexibility, it frees you to do what you really need to do: RUN YOUR BUSINESS.

Flexible, Cost-Effective Payment Software Solutions

MyVPOS Software is a leading provider of payment software for all types of merchants. It is one of the most comprehensive payment processing products available for retail and mail/telephone order merchants.

MyVPOS Software is easily installed on your computer and can help you handle your transactions quickly and efficiently, regardless of their origin. It offers:

  • fully PA-DSS Certified
  • a customer database for mail/telephone order merchants
  • recurring billing functions
  • the ability to process Internet and e-mail transactions

MyVPOS processes all major credit cards, including Level II and III data for Visa® and MasterCard® corporate and purchasing cards.



MyVPOS adds value to QuickBooks no matter what version you are using. If you are looking to process transactions through your QuickBooks MyVPOS allows you the freedom to choose whichever processor you would like so that you can negotiate your own fees and find the best deal out there. Other than the fees, MyVPOS has added many enhancements that allow you to have more security and additional functionality that QuickBooks does not offer.


MyVPOS has added many enhancements to QuickBooks including the ability to store customer credit card information in a PCI compliant vault that is not found on the local PC QuickBooks is running on, run transactions from other devices (such as a mobile app or a shopping cart) and pull those transactions back in to your local version of QuickBooks and MyVPOS eliminates the need for a separate POS terminal which will cut out the hassle of re-keying all of your transactions back in to QuickBooks. These are not all of the benefits that come with using MyVPOS, in fact; each version of MyVPOS come with additional program specific enhancements. To learn more, schedule a free demo today!


Yes, you will have to get a merchant account for processing transactions through MyVPOS. We are agnostic in who you choose as we support all major banks and processors.


Yes, you can keep the processor you are currently with.


MyVPOS is connected to a gateway and this will be the only gateway you will need for the software.


Please refer to your Sales Representative for pricing of MyVPOS.


No, MyVPOS only supports Windows based versions of QuickBooks.


MyVPOS works with QuickBooks Financial (Pro, Premiere and Enterprise) from 2010 to current, QuickBooks Point of Sale (Basic and Pro) Version 10 to Current and QuickBooks Online.


Please feel free to schedule a live demo and your technician can walk you through the process of getting set up.


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